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Instantly Know when your Milk is ready.
Tiny and touchless means it's always within, and provides instant readings. No need for wiping down or cleaning after use.

  • Measuring just 11.4cm x 2.2cm 
  • Quickly switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Range: -50°C to 250°C (-58°F to 480°F)
  • Instant read with 20 second display hold
  • Powered by two tiny LR44 button batteries.


  • IR thermometers measures the surface temperatures only, not the internal temperature of food or liquids or materials. Make sure you swirl or stir your milk before measuring for the most accurate reading.
  • IR thermometers can be temporarily affected by frost, moisture, dust, fog, smoke or other particles in the air. Be aware that steam, even when a liquid is not boiling, can condense on the thermometer and affect the accuracy of the measurements.
  • IR thermometers do not see through glass, liquids or other transparent surfaces, they measure the temperature of the first point of contact.
  • IR thermometers have a beam and measure on a spot, make sure this is properly aimed at the surface to measure and not reflecting off other materials like the sides of jug or pot.
  • Also, highly reflective surfaces like stainless steel tend to reflect ambient infrared energy rather than emit their own. So measuring boiling water in a highly polished stainless pot may give an incorrect reading.


  • This thermometer cannot and should not be used for measuring body temperatures. Only a medical thermometer should be used for such purposes.