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If you’re new to brewing, keep these tips in mind to make your perfect cup:

Press gently

Pressing too fast or with too much force compacts the coffee grounds, making it harder to press into your mug.

Grind size

Use a medium-fine grind size. If you use too coarse a grind size, you may see a drip through rate that is up to 2x faster. If you use a fine grind size, you may find it more difficult to press. The average bag of pre ground store-bought coffee is a medium grind size that is optimized for drip coffee makers. For those who prefer to use a medium or coarse grind, we recommend the use of our Flow Control Filter Cap.

Trust your taste

Rather than focusing on brewing in the “right” way, prioritize finding a method that makes coffee you love. If it tastes good, you’re doing it right!


1)  Add medium-fine ground coffee and water
1)  Add medium-fine ground coffee and water
2)  Stir and brew in 10-30 seconds
2)  Stir and brew in 10-30 seconds
3)  Press your perfect cup into a mug
3)  Press your perfect cup into a mug

Serve It Your Way

Versatile, portable and customizable—you can easily make hot coffee, cold brew, lattes and more with your AeroPress coffee maker.


Espresso Style

Drink as is

American Coffee

Add hot water to fill mug


Add hot or cold milk

Cold Brew

Brew using cold water