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Accurate, Convenient & Affordable

  • Cable Free

    Equipped with a rechargeable battery, no cable required for power supply. Standard AA Low Self-Discharge (LSD) rechargeable batteries can be easily replaced by users without sending in for service.

  •  Intuitive Operation

    No complicated settings and menus, no boot up or warm up sequences. One click of a button to start measurement.

  •  Industrial Standard

    Designed to be compatible with SCA standards and Agtron Gourmet scale, RA-720BF can produce compatible measurements for SCA competitions and events without conversions.

  •  Precise and Consistent

    With the sample plate of 14 cm in diameter, larger sample surface minimizes errors from gaps and coffee chaffs, producing more accurate and consistent results.

  •  Minimizing Waste

    With the smaller sample cup, only 15 grams of coffee grounds are required for each measurement. Less product wasted, more costs saved.

  •  Self Verification

    Near infrared sensors are built to produce accurate and reliable results. Verification disc is calibrated and included with each individual unit for self tests.

  •  Portable

    The analyzer and all accessories can be stored in the bundled aluminum carrying case and weighs less than 5 pounds total.

  •  Inspection Service

    Each device is carefully tested by the laboratory and shipped with a certificate of approval. If necessary, users can also send the unit in for professional inspection and calibration.