Nucleus Compass

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Our sensitivity to taste is influenced by temperature. Each taste receptor has its own zone of sensitivity, causing coffee to change in taste as it cools.

We’ve created the Compass, an innovative temperature reader, to showcase the best moments of your beverage.

The perfect flavour guide

Using the Compass makes complex tasting notes easier to find, allowing customers to enjoy the best moments of each coffee.

Contactless and efficient

The Compass uses an infrared sensor to provide fast readings without interfering with the beverages themselves. Celsius and Fahrenheit displays have a one-second response time.

Detachable temperature sensor

The Compass temperature sensor can be fully detached from the stand, opening up the possibility for many different applications.

Adjustable height

The Compass can be adapted to fit a variety of cup sizes, carafes and vessels designed for filters and espressos.



Dimensions (mm)

100mm (W) x 120mm (L) x 180mm (H)


Aluminium alloy and ABS


Approx 180g


USB micro-b rechargeable