Eureka Mignon Turbo Espresso Grinder

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Eureka Mignon Turbo Overview

Eureka has made another excellent addition to its Mignon line of coffee grinders with the Mignon Turbo. Enjoy standout features like larger 65mm burrs that allow for a rapid, yet consistent grind output, as well as Eureka’s patented Stepless Micrometric Regulation System, which offers an infinite number of grind settings at your disposal.

Features and Performance

When it comes to headlining features, the Mignon Turbo has a variety of worthy inclusions. One of the less evident to the untrained eye, but just as vital, are the 65mm hardened steel flat burrs. By using larger burrs than the 55mm standard, grinding is faster and more consistent. Expect consistent grinds at an impressive rate of just 1.8-2.3g/sec. At that rate, 18g can be ground in just 8 seconds for a double shot.

Once powered on, the responsive touch screen comes in handy by offering the ability to adjust the amount of ground coffee you desire to within one-tenth of a second. Also apparent once the grinder is in action is how silent the actual grinding process is. Thanks to silent grind technology, grinding noise is reduced by approximately 20 dB when compared to similar grinders.

Additional features include the Anti-Clumps and Electrostaticity system, which helps prevent clumps and eliminate electrostatic charge of ground coffee for incomparable cleanliness and dose consistency, as well as Eureka’s patented Stepless Micrometric Regulation System, which allows for infinite adjustment points when determining grind size. Also included is a rubber coated fork to place any size portafilter on to allow for hands-free grinding, a 300g capacity bean hopper, and a metallic outlet chute.

Why You Should Get It

When it comes to speed and efficiency, the Mignon Turbo leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. The inclusion of larger 65mm burrs means you will get improved grind consistency at even higher speeds. Even more impressive is that Eureka has managed to speed things up without creating a noisy grinder. Thanks to silent grind technology, which is approximately 20 dB when compared to conventional grinders, you can grind at your leisure any time of the day or night without waking the neighbors.

65mm Burrs

The larger, hardened steel flat burrs are comparable to those seen in commercial espresso grinders, which results in a faster, more efficient grind.


Silent Grind Technology

Anti-vibration components help reduce grinding noise by approximately 20 dB when compared to conventional grinders.


Stepless Micrometric Regulation System

This patented system allows for infinite adjustment points when setting grind size. This also allows for easier maintenance that doesn’t require you to lose your previous settings.


Timed Grinding

Set the exact grind time (to 1/10th of a second) you desire for a single dose or double dose. Also available is the option for continuous dispensing for up to 60 seconds.



Bean Hopper - Plastic

Housing Color - Matte Black

Housing Material - Aluminum

Depth (Inches) -  7.1

Height (Inches) -  15

Weight (Lbs) - 15.9

Width (Inches) - 4.7

Number of Grinder Settings - Infinite

Burr Diameter (mm) - 65

Grinder Burr Type - Flat steel

Bean Hopper Capacity (Oz) - 300g

Volt - 110V-120V (US) 

Watts - 320 Watt