Kalita Wave Glass Dripper

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  • A flat bottomed coffee dripper with three holes on its bottom. 
  • There is minimal contact between the Wave dripper and the Wave filter which allows a smooth coffee extraction. 
  • Kalita Wave drippers will help anyone easily make a delicious cup of coffee regardless of your pouring technique.
  • Drippers are either made of heat-resistant glass or Stainless Steel.
  • Kalita Wave 155 filters compatible with the 155 dripper and Kalita Wave 185 filters are compatible with the 185 dripper.


NOTE: Use with Wave Filter 185 for Wave 185 Dripper and Wave Filter 155 for Wave 155 Dripper.


Also Compatible with "Benki Wave Kalita Compatible Filters" Wave Filters 185 for Wave Dripper 185 and Wave Filters 155 for Wave Dripper 155