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Fellow Stagg Pour Over Dripper

  • Consistent temperature throughout the brew process results in a better cup.
  • Double wall dripper keeps the temperature constant and prevents heat loss during extraction. Also, the double wall keeps your coffee hot, but the outer wall is safe to touch.
  •  Both drippers have a steep interior slope compared to other drippers on the market. A steeper wall angle increases the height of the column of coffee grounds which forces water to make more contact with the coffee as it travels through the dripper. 
  •  Both drippers include a built-in ratio aid to help guide you through the correct amount of grounds to use for 1-2 servings in case you’re on the run or don’t have a scale. It also acts as a handy drip cup in case you aren't near your sink or track.


  • Materials: Stainless steel body, silicone gasket. 
  • Vacuum insulated: For ultimate heat retention during your brew
  • Unique design: No clog drainage hole and bump for optimal extraction
  • Ratio aid: Measure out 1 or 2 servings so you always know the right amount of coffee to add. Ratio aid also acts as a drip cup for when you’re done brewing.


NOTE: Stagg [X] is compatible with Stagg [X] filter paper 
            Stagg [XF] is compatible with Stagg [XF] filter paper