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The design of the cup optimize the flavour and aromatic sensory as you enjoy the coffee. Each design enhance the experience of taste and aroma to fit your coffee.

Aroma Flavour Cup: designed to maximize the aroma. This cup has the shape that raises the chin the highest when drinking coffee. This allows the coffee to flow into the mouth with great force, and the acidity, especially when it touches the back of the tongue, is perceived more strongly.

White has a glossy glaze that makes the coffee color easy to recognize and the cup feels smooth in the mouth.
The matte black has a "blind effect" that dares to obscure the color of the coffee, allowing you to enjoy and taste the aroma and flavor of the coffee more deeply, regardless of the liquid color.
By eliminating the handle and feeling the temperature of the coffee, you can enjoy coffee using not only your sense of smell, taste, and sight, but also your sense of temperature.


200mm (when full) approx.210g : 100 mL recommended capacity for comfortability and maximum swirling.