Flair 58 Plus

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The Flair 58 Plus is the new flagship from Flair Espresso. Including everything in the base model Flair 58, the Flair 58+ shines with walnut accents on the portafilter, t-grip and palm tamper.  The included articulating shot mirror attaches to the post magnetically and the Flair 58+ features custom branding you won’t find anywhere else.

The preheat system on the Flair 58+ includes three different levels: low, medium and high, which roughly correlate to brewing temperatures needed for dark, medium and light roasts respectively. Feeling the travel itch, the 58+ features an easy detachable preheat controller, meaning that you can go off-grid and brew espresso anywhere.

The Flair 58+ also features dark motif screws and includes both of Flair’s portafilter baskets, the high and low-flow, to ensure home baristas have all the control they need..

Lower the lever, raise your expectations for home espresso, with the Flair 58+.


Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 17.5 × 13 × 6.5 in

Weight – 12 lbs (5.44kg)

Assembled Dimensions – 13.5″ L x 7.5″ W x 11″ H (34.3cm x 19.05cm x 27.94cm)

Dose – 16-20 grams (expandable with different baskets)

Input Water Capacity – 90ml

Yield – Up to 55ml

Warranty – Backed by a 5 year limited warranty

    • Flair 58+ base
    • Flair 58+ lever assembly with brew head
    • Detachable preheat controller
    • Walnut portafilter with low-flow basket
    • High-flow basket
    • Walnut palm tamper
    • Articulating shot mirror
    • Power Box & plug
    • Drip tray
    • Puck screen
    • Manual
    • Post screws and allen key
    • Lockable and watertight hard travel case (for case version only) with custom foam

      PLEASE NOTE: No Hard Case Included