MIGNON PERFETTO Espresso Grinder

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Eureka Mignon Perfetto Overview

The Eureka Mignon Perfetto is an all purpose grinder with a touch screen display and Eureka’s “Easy Setting System” which makes adjustment as easy as it should be. When it comes down to it, that's exactly what the Mignon Perfetto is about—it makes grinding fresh coffee as easy as it should be for the home barista.

Features and Performance

First of all—the touch screen. We're thrilled with how intuitive it is. It's vibrant, with a large font size and clean controls. Grind time is adjustable in tenths of a second using the "+" and "-" buttons, and you can freely switch between single and double shots. Also, you can switch to a manual mode for continuous grinding, or lock in your timed settings to keep other people from fiddling.

For performance, it's equipped with flat 50 mm hardened steel burrs and a strong 1350 RPM motor with an output of 1.2 - 1.6g/s for espresso and 1.7 - 2.3g/s for brew.

Why You Should Get It

It's quiet, measuring in at about 73 dBA, so you won't ever need to stop a conversation to make your drinks. It brings Eureka's patented micrometric adjustment, so you expect smooth, stepless adjustments when dialing in the grind. The “Easy Setting System,” a color-coded range on the adjustment knob shows you where to adjust for different brew methods, including everything from Turkish to French Press.


Touch Screen Display

The Mignon Perfetto's interface is perhaps one of the easiest we've worked with. Grind time is measured in seconds, and a tap of the "+" or "-" buttons will adjust by a tenth of a second. For large adjustments, you can press and hold to race through the seconds. Pressing the "+" and "-" buttons at the same time will lock in your timed setting, and pressing in the single and double shot buttons at the same time will switch to manual mode.


Micrometric Adjustment

Eureka's patented stepless micrometric adjustment is smooth and features a color-coded range of brew methods right on the knob. Not only do you get stepless precision, you get a visual guide to inform you how to adjust for the brew method you're preparing. The Mignon Perfetto is appropriate for Turkish, espresso, moka, drip, and French Press.



Bean Hopper - Material Plastic

Housing Color - Aluminum

Housing Material - Aluminum

Depth (Inches) -  7.08

Height (Inches) -  13.78

Weight (Lbs) - 12.34

Width (Inches) - 4.72

Number of Grinder Settings - Infinite

Burr Diameter (mm) - 50

Grinder Burr Type - Steel

Bean Hopper Capacity (Oz) - 10.58 oz

Amps - 2.2 A

Volt - 110V-120V (US)

Watts - 260 Watt