CAFEC Abaca+ Deep 27 Coffee Filter (white)

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Abaca+ Coffee Paper Filter For “the ultimate single cup”.

This time, CAFEC introduced a dedicated paper filter molding machine together with the development of FLOWER DRIPPER DEEP 27.

Launching Abaca + DEEP 27 Coffee Paper Filter!

Even with the unique shape of the FLOWER DRIPPER DEEP 27 which has a narrow bottom angle, only dedicated paper can secure an air layer between the paper and the dripper. So that it will form and maintain a deep filtering layer and let the coffee expand smoothly.

In addition, as a feature of Abaca+ paper’s structure, the height of the crepe is set lower on both sides, and the distance between crepes are narrowed to increase the total surface area giving enough space for coffee fine powders to adhere. This feature enables a smooth water flow. The speed at which hot water is poured from the top is almost the same as the speed at which coffee liquid is extracted from the bottom. And more, by uniforming the texture of paper, you can control the speed easily and get stable taste.

Brewing together with FLOWER DRIPPER DEEP 27, you can enjoy the "ultimate cup" with much more richness and sweetness.

We do not recommend using regular cone-shaped paper filter folded in half!

  • Reason 1: Hinders even extraction

    If the paper is fold in half, there will be a part where the paper overlaps inside the dripper. As a result, the air layer between the dripper and the paper cannot be secured evenly.
    Therefore, it will prevent the expansion of coffee powder sufficiently.

  • Reason 2: Destroys the sedimentary layer of coffee grounds which acts as a filtering layer.

    Due to the overlap of the paper filter, the coffee grounds are not distributed evenly and cannot form a clean, perfect and deep sedimentary layer.