Brewista X Series Magic Dripper

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The filter cup is designed with four bottom drip filter modules, which can be freely replaced through magnetic suction. The cup body has main mouth rims on both sides of the bottom of the cup body. There is a main magnet inside the main mouth rim. There are filter accessories attached to the main magnet. Users can choose the appropriate one based on the coffee bean characteristics, roasting degree, weight and other factors. The filter accessory performs filtering to adapt to different brewing methods of different coffees, providing more choices and flexibility to meet the brewing needs of most coffee lovers. The cup body and the filter accessory are connected through a magnetic structure, making it convenient and quick to Replacement of filter accessories reduces cleaning and maintenance time.

Summary of Magic Dripper applications

V-shaped 9-ribbed ribs: Water flows through all the coffee powder in the cup. The higher powder layer height makes it easier to express a sense of layering. The 9-ribbed ribs are convex, which can accelerate drip filtering and avoid over-extraction;

 Target flat bottom: The height of the powder layer of the flat-bottomed filter cup is slightly shorter, and the time for water flow to pass through the powder layer is shorter. The target annular and hole-shaped combination is a symmetrical trickling filtration combination, allowing the trickling filtration to present a variety of but uniform states;

 The hill has no ribs and convex bottom: it makes the powder layer appear in the shape of double small V, reducing the height and thickness of the powder layer. The no ribs can reduce the flow rate, extend the drip filtration time, improve the extraction rate, and is more suitable for small powder quantities (10-12g) Medium grind extraction;

 Hill 8-rib convex bottom: makes the powder layer take on a double small V shape, reducing the height and thickness of the powder layer. The convex ribs are located on the inside, which can avoid over-extraction caused by fine powder deposition and is more suitable for small powder amounts (10-12g) Finely ground extraction