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  • A great addition to an espresso machine brew: This espresso puck screen will even out water flow and help hold the puck together, preventing it from breaking down under pressure, which can lead to channeling and jetting. Extraction will be smoother, more even and balanced, resulting in a higher fat content in liquid coffee and a more mellow coffee taste.
  • High Filtration Quality: The espresso puck screen uses a 150μm filter mesh, which is superior to other common mesh filters on the market. Multi-layer sintering, fine grinding of the edge, high strength, good filtering effect, can better promote the full extraction of coffee powder. Suitable for pressurized water flow without backflow and damage to your machine.
  • Keep the brew head clean: Protects the brew head from being sucked away when the lever is lifted. Prevents the coffee from coming into direct contact with the shower screen, thus preventing the brewing head from getting dirty and simplifying the cleaning process. The Espresso Puck Strainer can be easily washed under the tap to remove any residue inside.
  • Premium Materials and Construction: This Puck screen is 1.7mm thick multi-layer 150μm food grade stainless steel mesh, it will not bend after use, it is reusable.