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Introducing the Benki Espresso Chilling Ball – an innovation that redefines how you enjoy your coffee. Crafted for true coffee enthusiasts, this stainless steel accessory brings a new dimension to chilling your espresso. The Espresso Chilling Ball is your gateway to rapid cooling without dilution. Creates a perfect balance of chill and flavour as your espresso reaches its ideal temperature. 

Unveiling the Chilling Magic

Simply freeze the chilling ball and add it to your espresso workflow. Watch as your coffee gracefully swirls around the sphere, transforming into a chilled masterpiece while preserving its essence.

Aesthetic Brilliance

The espresso chilling ball adds elegance to your space, sparking conversations and inspiring creative coffee recipes. Experience the future of coffee refreshment as the Benki Espresso Chilling Ball merges innovation and tradition to enhance your coffee journey. Embrace the extraordinary – your coffee deserves it.

Benki Espresso Chiller Ball Features

420 Premium Stainless Steel - Durable and resistant to temperature changes. It’s nickel-free and has a low acidity level, ensuring that the product is safe to use with coffee.

Preserves Coffee Flavour - Unlike ice, the Chilling Ball maintains the integrity of your espresso's inherent taste.

Multi-Purpose - The Chilling Ball isn't limited to espresso. Can be used for chilled coffee crafting, enhancing your iced lattes, cold brews, or coffee cocktails.

Elegant - Visually captivating and enhances your coffee space with a touch of sophistication.

Easy-to-Use - Operates easily by pre-chilling the ball and introducing it to the freshly brewed espresso, and watch as your drink chills instantly.

SIZE: 11CM Diameter