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Benki introduces Ceramic Pan Roaster for Home Brewers.

This very traditional tool, once used for roasting tea leaves, sesame seeds, etc in Japan.

It also roasts coffee beans to perfection!
This classic, everyday tool was more common at ancient times with our older generations, but we are trying to step towards rediscovering and redesigning its functionality with a minimalist, wabi­sabi beauty, with touch of past in it.

Material: Ceramic
Product size: 26 * 13.5 * 8.5 cm
Weight: 420g
Capacity: 50g coffee beans
Color: black

Directions for Use:
1. Preparation: Ceramic baking machine / 50g raw beans / gas stove / cotton gloves
2. Heat the coffee roaster for 1-2 minutes
3. Pour 50 grams of green beans into the coffee roaster
4. Shake with a hand ring to bake. Bake for 2 minutes when the color of raw beans starts to change.
6. Bake usually about 13 minutes, you can extend the time according to the required baking time.